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Welcome to MinneHR Insights!


My name is Amanda Achterkirch and I've been working in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition since 2011. I'm the owner of MinneHR Insights, an HR consulting business, currently focusing on providing personalized and simple HR solutions for small businesses. Read more about me and schedule a time to chat!

My Story


I grew up in Los Angeles, CA and found my way to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for college. While at UW-Madison, I studied Gender and Women's Studies, with an emphasis in Business. I met my husband in college and moved to the Twin Cities which I now call home. After a few years, I earned my MBA at Hamline University with a concentration in Negotiations. I have worked the last ten years in education, talent acquisition, and general human resources. 

Why Consulting?

Through the years, I found that outside of work, I was always giving HR advice and helping to coach small business owners on how they might have meaningful, sometimes difficult, conversations with their employees. I decided I might have a gift for balancing employees needs and the reality that being a small business owner is no easy charge! Many owners that I met went into business because it was something they were good at or passionate about, and as they succeeded, they got stuck being HR, Payroll, Accounting, and more! As I helped people, I realized that what I love the most about consulting is the ability to re-energize those owners by handling all the HR things so they don't have to. 


Consulting also allows me to help companies approach a problem or inefficiency with an outside lens that is innovative and solutions focused. If it's an employee issue, employees are drawn to me and feel safe and seen with me. If it's a simple workflow issue, I create real connections wherever I go and am able to look at a number of solutions to find the right fit.

How Can I Help You?

I can help with a variety of HR topics like:  organizational projects, employee conversations, performance improvement plans, and employee handbooks. When it comes to hiring, I can be your main HR guide. I offer a variety of packages that will make your hiring process simple! If you're ready to work with me or just want to see if I might be the right one to help, click on the scheduling link below. 


Are you ready to work together? Let's make HR simple. 

Schedule a time with me:

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